Psoriasis and Psoriatic Arthritis still ails me.

Treatment after treatment and I still have psoriasis.  How can this be in this day and age?  I constantly think about how to gain control of this chronic problem.  I read about others success from a modified diet.  I felt compelled to educate myself with what foods actually cause the inflammation.  Many doctors would argue that diet is not linked to the disease.  I would like to remain open minded.  I’ve read and seen pictures where others have cleared themselves of psoriasis with adding nutritional drinks and foods to their diet.  When I was first diagnosed at the age of 28, I spent a lot of time in the library reading about our disease.  I found two names that I ran across, Edgar Cayce and Dr. Pagano.  Edgar was in tune with the universe and would read people to advise them how to heal.  Dr. Pagano was a chiropractor and related his finding to spinal adjustments and to diet.  Both would agree to some extent psoriasis has to do with toxins leaking into the bloodstream.  I find this intriguing and I continue to research information provided from the internet.  

My psoriasis always seems to be flaring.  This is what drives me to find a cure.  I figure if my psoriasis is going to be constantly be flaring then I will be relentless with my research.  This is my mission in life to find a cure to end the suffering and the embarrassment of this disease.  Unlike most diseases psoriasis is visible and because of this it is misunderstood.  Many believe it to be contagious, which we now that it is NOT contagious. Some stats about psoriasis: It affects 2 to 3 percent of the population which boils down to 125 million people affected globally, 7.5 million Americans.  Roughly 1 in 50 people you know have some form of the disease.  This makes it the most prevalent autoimmune disease out of the 140 autoimmune diseases identified by scientists.  The disease can vary in degrees from mild to severe with several types and can be life threatening.  The disease also can cause other complications know as comorbidities such as Depression, Heart disease, Cancer, Diabetes, Stroke.  Sophisticated magnetic images show many parts of the body are affected including Skin, Joints, and Organs.  So NO, it’s not “just a skin condition”.  

After over 20 years of dealing with this disease, I met many interesting people from all walks of life.  Many doctors and scientists along with patients and advocates.  I contribute most of my knowledge that I have gained from the National Psoriasis Foundation.  (  I would also like to mention the fact that although we suffer as patients, the entire family and love ones are affected as well.  This fact never really gets mentioned and needs to be addressed.  

With that said, I would particularly like to mention some bodies of information that I’ve found pertinent.  Eat to Live by Dr. Fuhrman and The Virgin Diet by JJ Virgin and some names of interest Kris Carr and Dr. Hyman.  Also new biologics of interest that are very encouraging that are due to be FDA approved blocking the pathway of IL-17.  I find Talconex to be very helpful as far as a topical.  Sunshine has always been my goto.  As for now, I’m on a vacation from biologics and trying to gain control naturally.  I will keep you posted as to my progress and I pray for a much needed cure.  If you would like to view my work daily goto Overcoming Psoriasis.  I’m available most any day and look forward to your feedback or any questions.  

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