World Psoriasis Day 16

What a fantastic gathering last night at the 7 World Trade building in New York City.  Leo Pharmaceuticals sponsored an outstanding event.  World renowned doctors attended along with many pso/psa patients.  I was honored to be an invited guest.  As a patient Influencer in the psoriasis community I would like to extend a warm and very much appreciated thank you.  Companies like Leo Pharmaceuticals provides us with hope. 

This is the second time Leo Pharmaceuticals sponsored an event like this in NYC for World Psoriasis Day.  I was very much impressed with each and every presentation.  Leo understands the seriousness of our disease.  For instance, a speaker by the name of Mike from PSOHAPPY is analyzing the emotional impact of psoriasis and the affect on the patient. 

I’m confident Mike will show the world that psoriasis is “not just a skin disease”.   More and more patients are speaking out to inspire others.  These patient Ambassadors are critical to the psoriasis community.  Their stories and voices are so powerful to someone who is feeling beaten down from this disease.  Hearing them speak may encourage a person to get the help they need.  

Kayla and Thomas shown above in these photos are volunteers for the National Psoriasis Foundation.  They have powerful voices in the psoriasis community.   I want to encourage more individuals to be involved and help others live life to the fullest.  Let’s live the dream together and raise awareness about psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis.   Let’s put an end to the misconceptions about our disease.  Let’s fight for a cure along side our mothership the National Psoriasis Foundation.  Let’s Walk, Ride, Run, Cycle, and even Bingo for a cure.

Pso many friendships are being made from events like these.  Pso what are you waiting for, join the National Psoriasis Foundation today.  Together we can make a difference.  

OCTOBER 29TH IS WORLD PSORIASIS DAY.   Happy World Psoriasis Day to all the friends I’ve met over the years.  Each one of you has touched my heart in one way or another.  God Bless you and your families.  

The NPF is going to being celebrating their 50th Birthday in 2017.  We are celebrating at the Plaza Hotel in NYC. Seats are limited.

Let’s not forgot the Volunteer Conference scheduled to happen in 2017. I hope you’re making your plans to attend.  Wait your not a volunteer,  no problem come anyway.  I’ve been to four of these events and they are top notch. Plan your attendance with the National Psoriasis Foundation.  I’ll see you there. 

If you sign up today you will get a free house breaking wee wee pad.  Remember to have your pet spade or neutered.   

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Eli Lilly’s Taltz proves best in show for Palmoplanter Psoriasis sufferers 

​Very impressive results for this fairly new drug named Taltz.  For most patients, hand and foot psoriasis can be very frustrating.  Nothing seems to work for these areas.  I know of three medications that are somewhat effective.  

However, Taltz is taking no prisoners when it comes to palmoplanter psoriasis which affects the hands a soles of the feet.  According to the research, during the 12 week study, 50% of patients cleared 100% (PPASI score).  

As a patient Influencer I’m happy to report this information to the psoriasis community.  It breaks my heart to see people suffering in this capacity.  I feel their pain, because I’ve experienced it.  
The best news is that it has a track record for maintaining it’s effectiveness for 60 consecutive weeks.  This is pivotal for people with palmoplanter psoriasis.   Dr. Mentor is a specialist when it comes to all types of psoriasis.  

If you’re newly diagnosed join our support group call Overcoming Psoriasis <<click on hyper-link
The recommended dosing for Taltz is an initial 160 milligrams (mg) subcutaneous (SC) injection followed by an 80mg SC injection once every two weeks for 12 weeks, then 80mg every four weeks. Taltz is a little more convenient then other anti-IL-17A medications for psoriasis.

Dr. Menter’s article is in the link provided.

Taltz (ixekizumab) Can Improve Palmoplantar Psoriasis For Up To 60 Weeks

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“GUS” the next big thing in the Psoriatic community.

Promising new medication is waiting FDA approval.  This will be Janssen’s second interleukin blocker for psoriasis.  Janssen’s first medication Stelara was well received by the psoriasis community years ago when it was first introduced.  Stelara was later approved for psoriatic arthritis.  I’ve heard it may even be indicated for Crohn’s disease in the near future.  
My experience with Stelara went extremely well. I was very pleased that my skin and joints responded so well for years.  My quality of life went from terrible to terrific with just a few doses of Stelara.  This medication blocks the molecules responsible for the debilitating inflammation that is visible on the skin and chronically painful in the joints.  
This new medication called GUS for now until it is officially named, targets only one part of the immune system, different from its predecessor which targets IL-12 and IL-23.  GUS is proving to be more safe and effective then Humira which has been a long time favorite for the psoriasis community.  Patients need choices when it comes to medications for this insidious disease.  These medications work in the body until pso/psa flares again causes the patient to seek new treatment.  GUS will be the next step in treatment for many.  
I’m very thankful medications like these have become available for me and others like me.  Unless you live with this disease I think it’s hard to understand how devastating pso/psa can be.  When you add the fact that it’s visible, painful, chronic, itchly, flakey, embarrassing, messy, requires many hours of care each day, causes fatigue, life threatening comorbidities, people like me get excited when we learn about new medications like GUS.  Here is a article comparing GUS to a well known biological medication Humira.
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