Sick and tired of being “Sick and Tired”?

A much welcome new medication for psoriasis in clinical trials is proving very effective.  Like its predecessors Humira and Enbrel this medication is a TNF inhibitor.  Targeting cytokines, almost fifty percent of patients experienced 100% of clearing after four months.  Many experience clearing in under one month. Thank you #Janssen (J&J) for your commitment to finding safer more effective medications for psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis.

Janssen also is the maker of the medication #Stelara.  Stelara only blocks two pathways responsible for the inflammation that causes psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis.

This particular medication blocks IL-23 only one pathway.  Leaving the immune system intact.  Not all people will respond the same to biologics.  Finding the right treatment for you is between you and your doctor.  Support the National Psoriasis Foundation (NPF).  For a more informative view, read Melissa Leavitt’s article by clicking on her name.  Please have your pets spade or neutered.

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Which came first psoriasis or psoriatic arthritis?

I read an article pertaining to psoriatic arthritis and how it is overlooked initially.  This cliché popped into my head “which came first the chicken or the egg”.  You laugh, but this is what’s happening in the psoriasis community.  Psoriatic’s dismiss their joint pain for something other then psoriatic arthritis.  Plus doctors are not properly surveying the patient and therefore not connecting the two diseases. 

Why is this a problem?  Psoriatic arthritis, when not treated can have irreversible effects on bones and joints.  PsA can contribute to bone loss and deformities.  Swelling of certain joints can lead to temporarily or long term disabilities.   Psoriasis patients are at fault for not educating themselves about psoriatic arthritis.  Doctors are at fault for not asking the patient if they are experiencing any joint pain or swelling.  The difference of evaluation could mean more specific medications as opposed to the patient walking out with a tube of cortisone.

Timely Treatment Decisions
Here is a excerpt written by Thomas G. Ciccone a Staff Writer at Practical Pain Management

Treatment decisions need to be timely, precise—perhaps even pragmatic—to improve outcomes and inhibit the disease’s radiographic progression. However, this may be a more perplexing task than it was in the past. For decades, methotrexate (Trexall, Rasuvo, others) was the proverbial drug-of-choice for PsA, but in the last few years, the practice has seen a ballooning inventory of pharmaceutical options.

“It’s unbelievable the amount of new treatments that are available for psoriatic arthritis today,” said Elaine Husni, MD, MPH, of the Cleveland Clinic Foundation in Ohio. The litany of TNFi, phosphodiesterase-4 inhibitors (PDE4i), and emerging investigational interleukin inhibitors present a bevy of therapeutic approaches to assess.

The article brings up some critical points for both the patient and the doctors initial evaluation.  I like what Dr. Mease says here, “We now are able to treat to target—meaning treat to a target of either low disease activity or even remission. In addition, we now have quantitative measures that can be employed in rheumatology to quantitate disease response.”

I encourage patients to see their doctor.  New treatment options are proving to be safe and effective.  If you don’t have insurance you can register for a clinical trial. Review the studies being conducted at  If you want to be proactive then I would suggest registering for one of our events at National Psoriasis Foundation If you want to sponsor a rider, namely me, go to Hamptons NY Bike Ride Have a wonderful day.  Remember to have your pets spade or neutered.

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Dr. Insurance?

Once again the National Psoriasis Foundation is going to bat for us.  Combined with other charity Foundations we are going to Washington to change the laws regarding Step Therapy practices.  If you don’t know what step therapy is let me explain.  Let’s say you go to your doctor and he prescribes you a medication.  Your all happy because you know from support groups like this it’s safe and effective.  It’s sent out for approval to your insurance company.  Your insurance company denies the claim  saying you have (#FailFirstFeb) try a less effective medication that is less expensive and perhaps dangerous to your long term health. 
Your health is priceless!  This decision should be between you and your doctor.  Support the NPF.  They have been supporting us all along.  Most if us aren’t aware of what they do.  Because I’m a long time volunteer an active member I’ve seen the progress that has been made over the years.  The people behind this organization are very well educated individuals.  Prominent doctors and lawyers, people from all walks of life.  I stress that we all get involved in some capacity.  2% of our community can not handle the work load.  WE NEED YOU!  Wanna feel better about yourself, volunteer for the NPF!  California lobbied and changed the law regarding Step Therapy. Every State needs to follow suit. let me know your on board.


Psoriasis & Liver Function

Our liver is responsible to cleanse the body of many impurities.   When this organ is mistreated by the foods we eat and drink it begins to fail. Good news is that it regenerates itself through proper nutrition.  Psoriasis patients need to pay close attention to liver function.  Here are some signs that indicate your liver is not functioning correctly.

1. Abdominal Swelling

A swollen abdomen can point to a condition called ascites, where liver malfunction leads to an imbalance of proteins and other compounds, and fluid builds up in the tissues. The main symptom of ascites is a pronounced potbelly, and often signals cirrhosis. Sometimes swelling occurs in the hands, feet, and ankles, as gravity draws the excess fluid down to the extremities.

2. Bruising

A damaged liver produces fewer of the proteins necessary for blood clotting, which means you may bleed and bruise more easily.

3. Fatigue and Weakness

It can be easy to dismiss fatigue and lethargy as a normal side effect of a stressful life, but severe exhaustion could point to low blood oxygen levels and waste accumulation.

4. Loss of Appetite

Nausea, a disinterest in food, and weight loss are some early symptoms of liver problems. In fact, the initial stages of hepatitis often bring flu-like symptoms, including digestive discomfort.

As liver damage progresses, more pronounced symptoms may appear. You may start to feel pain in certain areas, and you might see some startling changes in appearance.

5. Jaundice

As liver function declines and waste can no longer be eliminated from the body efficiently, the bile pigment called bilirubin can build up in the bloodstream. In turn, the skin and eyes can take on a yellowish color, urine will appear darker, and stools will appear lighter.

6. Abdominal Pain

When cirrhosis begins to cause pain, it typically comes in the upper right abdomen, or just under the lower right ribs. The pain can be throbbing or stabbing, and it may come and go. If the pain is so intense that you can’t sit still, you should seek immediate medical attention.

7. Personality Changes

Cognitive issues can develop when toxins accumulate in the blood and move to the brain. Confusion and problems with concentration are often the first signs of toxin overload, but they can lead to forgetfulness, changes in sleeping habits, and unresponsiveness.

8. Persistent Vomiting

While nausea and upset stomach are common early symptoms of liver disease, but as your liver’s ability to eliminate toxins decreases, your digestive distress will likely increase.  Ongoing nausea is a reaction to excess waste products in the body, and unexplained vomiting is often linked to liver problems.

Spotting the symptoms of liver damage is early is vital for effective treatment, so if you suspect a problem with your liver, take your concerns to your doctor right away. There are several tests that can quickly and painlessly reveal the extent of your liver damage, and that will determine the right course of therapy. The sooner you can halt the progression of your liver disease, the more healthy tissue you can save, and the better your liver’s chances of regeneration.

I personally was diagnosed with a fatty liver.  I totally reversed the symptoms by eating clean.  It took me roughly 6 months.  Proper nutrition is the treatment.   Have green smoothies everyday and avoiding processed foods will help you live a healthier lifestyle.  Thank you for reading.

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