50 ways to lose your Blubber

“Make a new plan, Stan”  We are three months into 2016.  It’s not to late to get that summer body you have been dreaming about.  These 50 recommendations I found on the Whole 30 website.  Implement them into your daily lifestyle.  Here’s to a healthier you!


1. Drink more water

Don’t drink calories – swap all your sugary drinks (fruit juices, sodas, alcoholic drinks etc.) to plain, sparkling or fruit infused water. This has several benefits: you will drink less calories, there won’t be spikes in your blood sugar levels and your skin will be happy. Sometimes your brain also confuses thirst to hunger so it’s best to keep hydrated. Try drinking lemon water in the morning.

2. Jump your way through the TV commercials

Do jumping jacks on TV commercial breaks. Before you notice it you’ll have done 10 minutes of quality workout each evening. You can also walk or run in place, do push ups or just stretch.

3. Take the bus/train/metro to work

This will force you to walk to the bus stop/metro/train station and back each day.

4. Always keep healthy snacks with you

That sounds a bit boring I know but seriously: this is a good piece of advice. Have a small bag of mixed nuts with you for emergencies. It just might help you make it through the mid afternoon energy slump without purchasing a bar of chocolate.

5. Have sweets with your meals

If you absolutely have to eat something sugary like candy always have them with your meal. This way it will have less impact on your blood sugar levels and insulin.

6. Did you eat something you were not supposed to? Don’t dwell on it.

Move on. If you just ate some chocolate you were not supposed to, get over it. You haven’t ruined anything. Remember: Progress not perfection.

7. Choose vegetables at dinner instead of a potato

Have lots of vegetables instead of potato, pasta or rice at dinner.

8. Sleep 8 hours a night

Remember to sleep enough. When you’re sleep deprived you won’t have energy to exercise and you’re a lot more likely to make poor choices of food.

9. Have a salad for lunch

Make a tasty salad at home and have it for lunch at work. Salad is the easiest way to have a healthy low carb lunch. Remember: A salad is not just lettuce and cucumbers. Add plenty of protein and good fats.

10. Decide to walk 15 minutes extra a day

Walking is pretty much the best thing that you can do for your health. Make a commitment to walk at least 15 minutes more than you do right now, every single day.


11. Write a shopping list

For weight loss, planning is everything. Writing a shopping list is planning at best. Make a list when you go shopping for the groceries. Stick to the list.

12. Measure your weight loss progress

Your brain (or even your eyes!) might not notice the changes that are happening. Document and track your results for motivation. You are getting results.

13. Brush your teeth after a meal

Brush your teeth regularly. When you have that minty freshness in your mouth you are less likely going to snack unnecessarily.

14. Have fruits and vegetables on every meal

Promise yourself to have at least one portion of either fruits, berries or vegetables on every single meal of the day. You’ll get your five a day, easily. And a lot of fiber.

15. Drink tea for a snack

Feel like you need that afternoon snack break? Have a big cup of tea instead. The craving to eat something unhealthy might disappear.

16. Eat breakfast – when it’s most convenient for you

I don’t believe in forcing down the breakfast first thing in the morning if it doesn’t feel natural to you. Take your breakfast with you to work – a fruit or a smoothie will do – and have it when you get hungry an hour or two later.

17. Cut back on alcohol

Have a smaller glass of red wine. You don’t have to cut it out completely, red wine is good for you. If you’re used to having some red wine with your dinner, that’s fine. Just try to cut back the amount of wine to half. You don’t need a lot of it to enjoy it. Or have the same amount as before, but every second night instead of daily.

18. Document your workouts

Keep a diary of your workouts, especially when it comes to going to gym. Write down the weights and reps and also how you felt after each set. If it felt too easy, you’ll remember to up the weights the next time.

19. Eat a pound of vegetables a day

This is important for weight loss – and keeping the weight off. Aim to eat a pound (half a kilo) of vegetables each day.

20. Lift weights

Really. Even once a week is good – twice a week is great. The older you get the more important this is.


21. Listen to music

I don’t know about you but this is super important for me. I just need to hear that rhythm and beat of a good song and I get so much energy! It gets me moving. Load all your favorite tunes to your iPod. Choose songs that make you want to dance. Take your iPod with you wherever you go.

22. Eat a lot of lean protein

I think it’s safe to say that a lot of people don’t eat enough protein. Protein is so important for your muscles and you really want to keep your muscles. Lose the fat and keep the muscle. Choose mostly lean protein, there are so many sources of protein to choose from.

23. Take fish oil supplements

Research suggests that taking fish oil might have a positive influence on your body fat. It is really good for your skin as well.

24. Plan what you eat

You can do it for a week in advance or the day before, just do it. This way you’ll have the assurance that you’re making the right decisions every day.

25. Write down everything you eat

Use a free online app such as Spark People for a week, or even a day. Go through the list of the things that you ate and pay attention to these points:

How many calories do you eat a day?
Do you get enough protein?
Does anything stand out?
What can you do to eat a little less calories?
Can you swap something for a healthier option or leave something out?
26. Fill half of your lunch or dinner plate with vegetables

Choose raw or cooked vegetables and leafy greens for half a plate and then add the rest of your lunch or dinner.

27. Exercise in the morning

Do your workout in the morning. You know you’ll be so tired after a day at work. Exercise such as going for a walk, swim or to the gym is also such a great way to start a morning.

28. See your weight loss project as a positive thing

Think positive, not negative. When it comes to food don’t concentrate on what you can’t have but what you can have. Make your food taste great – healthy food doesn’t mean boring food.

29. Make dark chocolate your go to treat

If you absolutely need a dessert go for dark chocolate. Have just a square or two. It will satisfy your sweet tooth and have some health benefits as well.

30. Learn more about health, food and active lifestyle

Educate yourself when it comes to weight loss. Buy books, subscribe to your favorite weight loss blogs and order weight loss or fitness magazines for more information and constant motivation.


31. Avoid white and beige food

Stay away from white and beige foods as a rule of thumb. They are usually processed and/or lack in nutrients.

32. Cut back on sugar

Pay attention to how much sugar you eat. Have added sugar just once or twice a week instead of daily.

33. Spice up your food

Learn to use herbs and spices in your dishes – you’ll need less sugar and salt.

34. Keep healthy snacks at hand

Have a bowl or bag of baby carrots or cucumber sticks in your fridge.

35. Be vary of dried fruit

Dried fruit is obviously fruit so it’s not too bad but remember that dried fruit contains a lot of calories and if you’re like me you’ve eaten a whole bag before you notice it. Have an apple or two instead.

36. Take the stairs

You’ve heard this before but it is so important to be active during the day. Decide that you’ll always take the stairs if you’re going five flights of stairs or less.

37. Tell yourself you’re doing great

Give yourself credit for the small changes you’re making. Literally pad yourself in the back after a good workout. Look yourself in the mirror and tell yourself what a great job you’re doing with your diet. Sounds silly but you’re doing this for yourself, it’s not easy and you’re doing so well.

38. Portion control might be important

In general I don’t believe in eating less. I think you need to eat a lot, but just make wise decisions when it comes to the ingredients. However, if you want to eat the same food you’ve eaten before (food that’s not very healthy) you have to eat smaller portions.

Also, always have just one plateful of food, don’t go for seconds.

39. Play

It will not only make you happier but you’ll also be burning calories.

40. Make your own salad dressing

Stay away from store bought salad dressings. They often contain sugar, poor quality oils and additives. Make your own from extra virgin olive oil, vinegar, herbs and spices. Add turmeric for health benefits.


41. Make your own lunch

This is the only way to know exactly what you’re eating. And you’ll save some money.

42. Stand and move during your day at work

If you have an office job try standing a part of the day instead of sitting. Have walking meetings for example. Walk and take the stairs during your day at work. When you have to think about something or take a phone call do it by walking around. If you have something to say to somebody – visit them instead of sending an email. Set an alarm to remind you to move a bit every 60 minutes.

43. Try a diet programme

If you want to have structure in your diet you could try a weight loss programme such as the Mediterranean diet, Whole30 (not really a weight loss programme but you probably will lose weight and it’s just 4 weeks, see my results) or another diet.

44. Make your favorite meals a bit healthier

If you really have to have a pizza or burger make the meal more healthy by having just half a pizza and half plate salad or burger with a salad instead of french fries.

45. Store just healthy food at home

Do not buy anything unhealthy when you do your weekly shopping. If you don’t have it in your house, you wont eat it. If you need to have it make yourself walk to the supermarket to get it.

46. Do small workouts several times a day

If you do a 5 minute workout 6 times a day (every two hours) you’ll have done a 30 minute workout. Research suggests it’s just as efficient and has the same health and weight loss benefits.

47. Go through your pantry

Throw/give away everything that you do not want to eat in order to lose weight.

48. Do short intense workouts

None of us have time to exercise – make them short, but make them count. It’s a lot better to do an intensive 20 minute workout six times a week than two hours once a week.

49. Look for new recipes

It might be boring to try to make healthier versions of your favorite recipes so try some new ones. Look especially for new ways to add vegetables to your diet. There are so many recipes out there.


50. Find your passion

Find a “workout” that you love. It could be dancing, rock climbing or hiking. Just something that makes you move and you enjoy it so much you don’t even consider it a workout.

When it comes to losing weight – It all adds up.

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