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Step Therapy is in the News!  Many Patients have been prescribed medications by their doctor only to have the prescription denied by their respective insurance company.  Perhaps we should just make an appointment with our insurance company.  Why see our doctor?  Apparently cost is more important then our health. 
Insurance companies would rather prescribe older less effective treatments.  So they make you jump through hoops to get you the medication originally prescribed.


California just implemented laws banning Step Therapy.   Leah Howard with the National Psoriasis Foundation has put together a website for us to share our stories.
Here are some examples from the site.

Step therapy is supposed to save insurers money. Does it?

In a study comparing spending on schizophrenia medications in Georgia’s Medicaid program, step therapy saved the state $19.62 per member per month. Cheaper drugs – savings all around. Right?

Wrong. The same study found that after the introduction of step therapy, the Medicaid program had to spend more money on outpatient services – $31.59 per member per month. That’s because less-effective meds often led to higher health costs later. 3

Step therapy can be bad for your health

Step therapy can keep people from getting any effective treatment at all. 1, 5-7

Step therapy generates miles of red tape

It takes up to two hours per patient of precious staff time in doctors’ offices to manage requests and appeals – taking critical time away from patient care. 8

Please leave your email and like this article so I can present this to our local officials.   I need to gather as many emails in order to show our support to change the law. 

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Step Therapy Campaign

This needs to change and we have the people in place to make it happen.  Scenario:
You go to your doctor and he prescribes the dream medication.  He submits it to your insurance company and they denied it stating you have to prescribe xyz drug before using this medication. 
So I’m thinking, why didn’t I just get an appointment with my insurance company?


Sounds like they are diluting the doctors ability to be a doctor.  This is pso wrong in every aspect. Well we now have the Avenue to correct it.  Click the link and let’s keep that decision between you and the doctor!

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Overcoming Psoriasis


Some of the severe side effects of Cosentyx include:
Many suffer with feelings of joy and happiness.  Sometimes elated feeling encourage you to participate in life.  Beware of wanting to jump in the jacuzzi and swimming in a crowded pool.  Some Cosentyx users actually reported exercising and losing weight.   Experiences also include in rare instances a new wardrobe due to previous condition.  Consult your dance instructor before taking Cosentyx.  The Sudden Urge To Sing outloud could effect your neighbors ears.  Playing with your children due to increased range of motion is very common if this should happen fire your Rheumatologist.

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Clearing Psoriasis

I often get emotional when I talk to others about psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis.  I remember being depressed and alone.  Confining myself indoors, to embarrassed to be seen in public.  Nonsense you say, well not to the person who suffers with psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis.  I get emotional because I know the difference.  Today I want to show you the difference.

This is a story about a girl I met a few years ago on my page Overcoming Psoriasis .  Helen told me about her psoriasis but never showed me until today.  For a guy, psoriasis has taken its toll on my self esteem.  I would imagine for a gal it’s ten times worse.  Here is a before picture of Helen’s leg. 


Helen has a form of psoriasis known as Gutate.  The onset of gutate is usually after a bout of strep throat.  Unlike plaque psoriasis, gutate shows up as many small spots all over the body.  They are for some very itchy, painful, and embarrassing.  What most people don’t understand us that this is just the visible surface symptoms.  The real problem lies well beneath the skin where the damage being done is unseen.  Often psoriatic’s feel tired and pain throughout the body. This is due to the wide range of inflammation affecting the organs an joints.  It wasn’t until recent that scientist’s discovered that psoriasis was actually a autoimmune disease.   Over the years Helen and I discussed treatments.   Because she is from the UK, our options here might not be the same there. 

Luckily for Helen, the medication I’m on became available for her in her country.  We shared a few words this morning about her progress. We also shared a few tears. Tears of happiness.  This is Helen’s leg today. 


She mentioned how happy she was and that she wanted to show off her gorgeous new skin.  The best part is that this is only after two weeks on the medication.   Let me quote her so you can understand her happiness.  ”

Yeahhh im hoping in a few more weeks it will be completely clear so I can get my legs out for the Christmas parties hahaha”
I assured her that she will be clear.  You see the Difference, not just in appearance but her attitude is one hundred times better.  We psoriasis patients hide… I seen this on Helen’s instagram which sums up how people feel suffering from this insidious disease.


This photo really says it all.  Now because of these new treatments I can show you Helen in a whole new light. 

Overcoming Psoriasis

Helen is an active member of our support group Overcoming Psoriasis click the highlighted words to enter our support group. 

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Live Interview With Dr. Jackson

As a child I remember loving the site of newly fallen snow.  However the winter wonder land as an adult with psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis can exasperate symptoms.   Before my diagnosis I loved all winter activities.  These days I cringe thinking about the cold weather.  When I was covered from head to toe I had a tough time regulating my body temperature.  


When I was a fireman/emt I was taught that the body will ultimately protect our vital organs with extreme injury.  If treating a trauma victim we would assist this natural process of the body with a compression suit.  Sort of vassal constriction of the extremities.  My severe psoriasis sort of reminded me of this condition. Even with normal weather my extremities would be freezing.  My health was declining rapidly.  It felt like open abrasions all over my body.  I was losing my battle. 
I had the pleasure to interview Dr. Jackson and a patient Sarah H. from Louisville, Kentucky.   Dr. Jackson was nice enough to explain some of the difficulties psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis patients face during these cold months.  He explains about a relatively new treatment that has been a blessing for those who are prescribed the medication.  
Although this is one of many new medications available,  it’s one that offers treatment for both psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis.   Sarah H. shares her experience on this medication.   I hope you enjoy the interview I conducted. Maybe it’s the answer or control your looking to achieve.   If you haven’t done so already I invite you to our support group Overcoming Psoriasis click the highlighted words for the direct link to the page.,AAAAAAHur4I~,diYZRj_HSFq3I0J5u4e4VKgTfmoM3B0i&bctid=4573215442001

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Psoriasis and PSA are NOT contagious.

The P maybe silent in psoriasis, but the p in Patient is loud and clear just like our message, Psoriasis is NOT contagious and it’s NOT just a skin disease.  It’s a serious autoimmune disease that affects the organs and the joints causing irreversible damage and can be life threatening if left untreated.  There is no cure and treatments are temporary at best.  New treatments, that are considered safe and effective, are so ridiculously priced you need to be a multimillionaire to afford them.  My mission is clear.  To help research discover new safer and more effective treatments and perhaps a cure.  And to change the publics misconception.  Psoriasis is genetic and you need to be predisposed and when triggered becomes chronic.  The off switch is yet to be discovered.
It affects 7.5 million Americans.  That’s roughly 2% of the population.   That’s one person in a room of fifty.  This makes it the most prevalent autoimmune disease. People with this disease often feel alone and isolate themselves from society. Research has shown that a patient with 3% visible plaques can seriously effect their quality of life.  How is it the most prevalent and the most underfunded?
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Let’s get Physical

Do you Diet and Exercise to reduce the impact of your psoriasis and psa?   It might be a good time to start.  I personally try to eat clean and I combine that with portion control.  It’s important to eat foods that are high in nutrition as opposed to empty calories.   With exercise I choose low impact exercises like bike riding and walking.  The less stress on your joints the better.  Swimming is probably the best for low impact exercises.  The idea is to keep moving.  These are lifestyle changes that should be incorporated into your everyday life.  Here’s to a healthier YOU!

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Compassion, Bean Town Style

One week ago I drove to Philadelphia to experience “brotherly love”. This week I visited “bean town” or as they would say the “City of Champions”. You can’t help the feeling you get when you visit these cities. Both so diverse and rich with American History. As you walk the streets, you immediately notice the architecture of the brilliantly designed buildings. The food and culture is very similar too. People travel from all over the world to these food meccas, to indulge in the savory foods that were made famous by each city. While in Philadelphia, I found myself eating a Philly cheesesteak with two total strangers that traveled from Maryland. In Boston, I enjoyed probably the best New England clam chowder I ever tasted. You have to visit Quincy Market,where you can see live performances from local wannabes.


But this wasn’t the reason I visited these cities. You see, I was there to support our cause with the National Psoriasis Foundation .  Most cities now sponsor our walks for a cure with the NPF.  Saturday was Boston’s day to raise awareness about psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis.  I was most impressed with the lush landscape and the location of the event right on the beach.


While there at the closing ceremony, I was particularly impressed with this one individual that raised money for her sister who has both psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis.  This individual’s name is Melissa Howard.  While talking to her, she explained how her sister asked her to walk for her.  She told me that her feeling was, “That it was the least that she could do.”  She contacted the NPF and made a plan.  She ended-up raising almost ten thousand dollars in just five weeks!
Melissa explained to me that her sister was picked on as a child due to her visible disease.   Her sister later on developed the psoriatic arthritis associated with the disease as well.  She knew she had to get involved!  Some of her concerns about her sister were the lack of effective treatments available.   I encouraged her to research some of the new treatments.  I’m looking forward to combining our efforts next spring at the ride event on Long Island.


I mentioned to Melissa about our support group Overcoming Psoriasis which has some of the most compassionate and helpful members.   Melissa is the type of person who has compassion for individuals who suffer with difficult diseases.  She explained her own situation; that she was hit by a car and had several corrective surgeries. Melissa is my Psuperhero for putting others first.  Thank you Melissa Howard, we need more people like you in the world!

Contest for Eczema Awareness Month

Five lucky winners win!

Here is an opportunity that was presented to me by Triderma.  In order for you to win we are asking you to follow our blog The persons that “Like” and “Share” the most articles will win.  Triderma is giving away 5 packages in honor of Eczema Awareness Month.  That’s it, It’s simple and no money is required.

Helps promote fast relief for red, itchy, irritated, dry or cracked skin. This highly concentrated cream contains powerful, natural healing ingredients to provide long-lasting moisture, helps soothe burning and help relieve itching without harmful drugs. It is safe to use for those with sensitive skin and also pregnant women. Recommended by Doctors and Dermatologists. Available in multiple sizes.

Bravo Team Janssen

Philadelphia Freedom was the song playing in my mind as I was walking through the Philly Zoo for the National Psoriasis Foundation .  What a great way to enjoy the Zoo and help fund research that may one day produce a cure.  After twenty four years of having psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis it’s so rewarding to see people come out and walk for our cause.

Janssen Pharmaceuticals raised the most money for this event.  Team Janssen has always been there to support the psoriasis community.  I appreciate their hard work and dedication to our disease state.  This company is so generous and pso compassionate about the people of the psoriasis community.
I remember reading an article in the psoriasis Advance Bulletin.  The article was discussing new products in the pipeline.  Janssen was conducting a trial on their new medication  (at the time) Stelara .   The medication was a biological medication that blocks interlukin 12 & 23.  Research showed that these were involved with the inflammation that causes the autoimmune system to overreact and produce skin cells 10 times faster then normal.  And that’s the visual effects of the disease.  The medication also prevents further damage to the joints and organs by stopping the inflammation that’s going on in the body.  I’m so grateful to Janssen and their employees because Stelara improved my quality of life for 5 years.  I was totally covered and pso miserable.  Everything hurt and there was no relief from anything I was trying at the time, until Stelara.



Stelara did the trick for me as you can see from the pictures.  This disease is nasty.
Janssen ( Johnson & Johnson )  also has a app for your phone to donate a picture.  From now until the end of the year they will donate one dollar for every photo submitted up to $25,000.00. everyday and take part in funding research.
Janssen is also in the process if developing a new Biological medication.  The medical name for the drug is Guselkumab .  I attached an article that explains the new drug, just click on the highlighted medical name. Janssen also has a website designed for patients.  It’s called Are You Serious.


I applaud Team Janssen for their continuous effort to improve patients quality of life.

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