Clean eating for Psoriasis

So I jumped on the scale this morning to weigh myself and was pleasantly surprised to find I weigh 206.  I lost 30 pounds from my all time high weight of 236.  My doctor is going to be extremely proud of me.  I guess your gonna want to know how I lost this weight.  Well after reading the book pH Miracle by Dr Young, I decided to put what he said into action.  The principal is to alkaline your blood ph to improve your health conditions.  The side effect I found was weight loss.   Unfortunately my skin hasn’t cleared.  The mirror is not as favorable as the scale.

What I have found is that eating clean isn’t all that hard.  You need to learn the foods that are alkaline.  The book covers all this.  The body isn’t meant to be eating all these processed foods.  It can only take the abuse for so long, then disease sets in.  The foods that are acidic cause your body to become acidic.  Which he uses the term Acidosis.  Once the body is in this state diseases can flourish.  The Objective is to balance the body by eating more foods that are alkaline.  Mostly vegetables.  Even know the book is very controversial.  I find it very interesting and his work over the years beneficial.  He claims he examined 40k blood samples and all that were diseased had one thing in common.  They all were acidic in nature.  This clogs up your system and your blood flow is restricted.  I like what he says, is you allow an environment for disease to grow then you are in an acidic state.  In order to change that environment you need to eat a 80/20 alkaline/acidic diet.  He uses this analogy, if you throw grass seed on concrete you will not yield a lawn.  Same thing applies to your body.  Disease can not exist in a alkaline environment.

I started each day with lemon water.  I follow that up with a green smoothie.  I also take my supplements.  I also try and walk each day at least a half-hour.  Although my psoriasis isn’t clear, I feel I’m on the right concrete path.  Best of luck on your journey.

4 thoughts on “Clean eating for Psoriasis

  1. I have read a lot about the pH balance. One thing to consider, if you have not already, are nightshade foods (eggplant, white-flesh potatoes, sweet and hot peppers, chili powder, paprika, and tomatoes). They actually can put that pH balance off. I have been off of them since January, while my weight loss has been 25 pounds, I saw some improvement in the psoriasis on my hands and feet over the last few weeks.

  2. Hello Todd (aka tvsoccerdad…I like that moniker:-)),
    Thanks for deciding to give Self-help Health a follow and for re-blogging my post on The Master Cleanse. I always appreciate when someone takes the time to do that, plus it helps lead me to what they’re up to, like the great blog of yours. I think what you’re doing here is wonderful and hopefully will make people more aware. And I like that this particular post mentions monitoring pH and using lemon water….to self-help health aids I’ve written about myself because I feel they are things everyone should know about.

    Keep up the good work, and best wishes on all your endeavors!

    1. Hello Zirah1, Im trying very hard to learn about being a successful blogger. I don’t often post or change the settings. however I discovered there are advantages to learning about all the features. I am a work in progress. I need to be more user friendly. Thank you for commenting. If you have any helpful tips please let me know. Thank you.

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