Miles of Smiles 5k Walk for the National Psoriasis Foundation, NYC Division.
Miles of Smiles 5k Walk for the National Psoriasis Foundation, NYC

“DON’T WAIT FOR YOUR SHIP TO COME IN, SWIM OUT TO IT.” I often would read this qoute on the wall of my former business.  Many affirmations have an insiping message.  How do we apply them to our own lives?  For some it may be sending out your resume, others it may be buying an investment property.   Whatever it is, they should be goal oriented.   Each day make it your mission to achieve your goal.

For instance, let’s use weight loss for an example.  Many of us want to lose weight.   The reasons have to just in order to achieve your goal.  Why is it do you want to lose weight, health reasons, or the beach body you always wanted?  It could be you want to fit into a smaller dress size or to be able to run a marathon.   For whatever the reason, make it your Goal.  Break it down from there.  Your goal should be divided into missions.   Daily, monthly, quaterly, and yearly.  Your goal is more obtainable this way.  But that’s just the potatoes of the formula you need the meat. Like support groups and meal plans and perhaps an exercise routine.  Sound perplexed, it’s not just Do It, like Nike suggests.  Sometimes getting started first then putting these suggestions in place works just the same.

Hi Line in NYC by Chelsea Piers
Hi Line in NYC by Chelsea Piers

Daily activities should be enjoyable. Walking is probably the best activity one can use to lose weight. It’s simple and can be done anywhere.  I love it. Who doesn’t enjoy a nice inspiring walk. Walking is low impact and is a great way to start cause it requires no membership.  Walk alone or invite a friend.  JUST DO IT.

National Psoriasis Foundation 5k Team NPF Walk
National Psoriasis Foundation 5k Team NPF Walk

Volunteer for a 5k for a good cause.  I believe in paying it forward for the greater good.  Form a team and make it happen. Encourage others to participate by social media posts.  Get people off their couch and moving again.  Be their inspiration. IMG_20150503_12511220150503_081900

Make it your passion so your mission is defined. Surround yourself with positive like minded individuals.   Your goals will be yours within the allotted time.  Join a support group most of all keep it fun.  Life is short don’t sweat the small stuff.  IMG_20150509_101840IMG_20150508_101205

The world is your oyster, make it your own! I would like to thank those people who inspire me including the people seen in the photographs.  The National Psoriasis Foundation  ( ) Ron Villano (www.RonVillano.Com) author of the ZING, my lovely family.  And most of all my Lord and Saviour, through him all things are possible. FB_IMG_1430101149399

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