Psoriasis patient comments

Over the years Hollywood often depict villians with skin irritations.  During biblical times lepers were banished to their own colony.  Psoriasis is a visible disease and society is unaware that it is Not contagious and it’s a serious autoimmune disease.  Often viewed as “just a skin condition.”   Read this comment written by a psoriasis patient in our group Overcoming Psoriasis on Facebook.


Thank you for the add!! It’s very heartwarming knowing that I have a safe haven with you all, I can post pictures & not be ashamed or come here when I’m at my lowest & know that everyone here can empathize with the day to day struggles. I don’t wish anyone to have a disease, but I would cry at night wishing my disease was internal so no one would laugh at me, tease me & make fun of me. Knowing I can come here & have support & encouragement is truly a blessed gift. Thank you all!!

The comment here raises the question are we doing enough to raise awareness.  Are the treatments available effectively treating the disease.  This is the most prevalent autoimmune disease with the least amount of funding.  The National Psoriasis Foundation has done a great job funding research for better treatments.   So much more needs to be done.  Scientists are finally gaining ground and are binding cytokines that cause the inflammation.   Identifying these molecules could lead us to a cure or maybe a vaccine.   We are in exciting times.  I’m looking forward to the day I’m able to report a cure has been found.

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