Who’s LA LA Anthony?  She’s my new best friend.  This young actress has it all.  Now she’s bringing attention to the most prevalent autoimmune disease (with the least amount of funding).  Psoriasis can vary in degrees from mild to severe.  In fact one out every fifty people you know have some degree of the disease.  Thirty percent of those go on to develop psoriatic arthritis.   Some develop psa first.  It’s important to see your doctor for psa because the arthritis can erode your joints and the effects are irreversible.   Psoriasis is misunderstood by the public, it’s not just a skin condition, it’s a serious autoimmune disease that effects the skin organs and joints.  It’s not Contagious in any sense of the word.  Not even blood to blood.
People with psoriasis often feel ashamed and isolate themselves indoors.  Life is a chore and would rather avoid social events.
However many of us with the disease are fighting back.  We won’t let it stand in our way of participating in life.  Like this young actress mentioned here.  Thank you LA LA!

La La Anthony – actress, best selling author, fashion designer and TV personality – has teamed up with NPF to launch the Picture Positivity campaign. She’s telling the world for the first time about her life with psoriasis – and how the disease hasn’t held her back!  Copy and paste link in your browser.


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