Psoriasis gets Expensive

Educating yourself about our disease is your best defense.  Our disease is very expensive to treat.  Newly diagnosed patients need to do their homework in order to avoid so called “miracle treatments” that just drain your savings.  Even prescription medications can be very expensive if your not covered by insurance.  I highly suggest joining the National Psoriasis Foundation to avoid unnecessary expenses and loss of time.


This picture of my ankle was taken before I was prescribed a biological medication.   These new medications have been in use for just about 20 years.  With each new treatment they seem to be more effective and safer.  However the price tag is staggering.  Here is an article I read about the costs associated with the medications for our disease.

(HealthDay)—Most patients with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis (MSPP) are prescribed medications, with six-month total direct costs of $11,291 per patient, according to a study published in the October issue of the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology.

These medications also reduce the comorbidities that are associated with the disease.  Psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis if left untreated can cause many more health issues for the patient.  This disease when treated has improved the life quality of many.  Patients are at a much better advantage today then they were just ten years ago.

I’m happy to say after many treatments my disease is controlled and my health seems to be improving.  My disposition on life is much better.  I’m actually participating in life rather then avoiding life.  I have a better outlook and my skin and joints are 100% better.

Support groups like Overcoming Psoriasis have helped me gain perspective about treatment options.  There is also a common bond between its members.  With over 2900 members and growing it’s one of the most ineractive groups I’ve seen.

Article written by Todd Bello

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3 thoughts on “Psoriasis gets Expensive

  1. Donna McClure

    Being a Canadian, I have a problem with getting involved because it is so costly for us. I have almost solid plaques on my head and the itching drives me crazy! I also have about 20percent on my body. I am now 78 yrs. of age and have been plagued since the age of 16 yrs. to the point I had to have medical attention each night. I tried a few drugs and one set me up for pustular psoriasis all over my body. a MESS! What can I possibly do? I need help, but being a Senior doesn’t allow me financially to help. I have had 2 surgeries since Apr. 28th., one being a knee replacement and on June 1st., rods & screws put in my back, which now, is being plagued with psoriasis. Please give me some direction.

    1. So I’m here to give you some valuable information. Since you mention the cost factors and insurance issues your going to want to read newly released articles that deal with psoriasis and psa. For that reason I would give you the most reliable source and that’s National Psoriasis Foundation. Their information is on their website. Please surf through the articles

    2. Dear Donna, I feel your pain. Thank God for me my skin and joints are amazing because of this new Biologic I’m on. I wish it was available to you. If I can help let me know. Thank you.

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