Bravo Team Janssen

Philadelphia Freedom was the song playing in my mind as I was walking through the Philly Zoo for the National Psoriasis Foundation .  What a great way to enjoy the Zoo and help fund research that may one day produce a cure.  After twenty four years of having psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis it’s so rewarding to see people come out and walk for our cause.

Janssen Pharmaceuticals raised the most money for this event.  Team Janssen has always been there to support the psoriasis community.  I appreciate their hard work and dedication to our disease state.  This company is so generous and pso compassionate about the people of the psoriasis community.
I remember reading an article in the psoriasis Advance Bulletin.  The article was discussing new products in the pipeline.  Janssen was conducting a trial on their new medication  (at the time) Stelara .   The medication was a biological medication that blocks interlukin 12 & 23.  Research showed that these were involved with the inflammation that causes the autoimmune system to overreact and produce skin cells 10 times faster then normal.  And that’s the visual effects of the disease.  The medication also prevents further damage to the joints and organs by stopping the inflammation that’s going on in the body.  I’m so grateful to Janssen and their employees because Stelara improved my quality of life for 5 years.  I was totally covered and pso miserable.  Everything hurt and there was no relief from anything I was trying at the time, until Stelara.



Stelara did the trick for me as you can see from the pictures.  This disease is nasty.
Janssen ( Johnson & Johnson )  also has a app for your phone to donate a picture.  From now until the end of the year they will donate one dollar for every photo submitted up to $25,000.00. everyday and take part in funding research.
Janssen is also in the process if developing a new Biological medication.  The medical name for the drug is Guselkumab .  I attached an article that explains the new drug, just click on the highlighted medical name. Janssen also has a website designed for patients.  It’s called Are You Serious.


I applaud Team Janssen for their continuous effort to improve patients quality of life.

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13 thoughts on “Bravo Team Janssen

  1. wenrie24

    It’s so wonderful to see the support that Janssen/Johnson&Johnson provides for our community. It proves that they aren’t just in the business for money, but that they have hearts!!! A BIG THANK YOU TO THEM!!!

    1. No worries, that was me before my injections. I’m happy to say that I’m clear and my joints are feeling awesome. I appreciate your response. I wish others would comment. I love this social media crap. Lol

    2. Mine is only on my face, and just today it’s started to clear up a little bit. Can I expect it to come back worse at some point, I know it’s a lifelong condition.
      What did they inject you with?

    3. I know better than almost everyone how alcohol destroys the liver…..
      I’ve been shitting pale shits, I’m sick all the time……my liver is under too much stress. I’m aware of what alcohol does to my body……but I still cant stop drinking, that’s what alcoholism is, unstoppable. 😦

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