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Elaine Smith is a 39 year old single mom with psoriasis.  After researching and much work she is able to control her psoriasis by modifying her diet.  She belongs to our support group Overcoming Psoriasis.  Acknowledging her disease and finding fault in her own food choices is how she cleared her psoriasis.  Many have tried diet without success including me.


As you can see from the photo above I tried just about everything.  I fell short.  But that doesn’t mean you will.  I encourage everyone to try.  You have nothing to lose.  I’m glad I went this route because even though I failed, I was successful reversing my fatty liver disease and some kidney issues.  Plus I was able to shed some unwanted pounds.

Here is Elaine’s story,

“My diet is not as extreme as some people advocate as I believe in moderation.  I don’t eat gluten or dairy as I actually had tests to show that I was intolerant to them.  Besides the gluten and dairy, which is substitute with coconut/almond milk  I also eliminate nightshade vegetables, most processed foods and too much sugar.
I had originally cut out alcohol but I now indulge in a glass of wine here and there or when my friends are over, I think its nice to not let P take over your life
The nightshades was something I eliminated duet to discovering on FB that most people reacted to them and after reading Pagano’s book.
I don’t eat red meat but I eat lots of fish, oily fish mainly, Salmon, sardines  etc and chicken.

For grains I have quinoa, rice, sweet potato’s, gluten free pasta/bread etc..  I also eat a lot of pulses, chickpeas, lentils etc..  and I eat a bowl of porridge every morning, I’m fine with oats.  For snacks lots of oat cakes with nut butter and loads of nuts/seeds.  I think I lacked good fats and so have plenty now and dress my food with a good oil.


I have been actively looking at your groups now and there seems to be a lot of discussion around diet.
The thing is we are all so different and diet doesn’t work for everyone, as far as I am concerned I am in remission, I know that my P could come back at anytime and I see an odd tiny spot here and there in stressful periods.
I think its good to enhance our diet and keep as healthy as we can due to the other ailments we can end up with due to having P.
I love that some are interested in diet changes and appreciate that not everyone will find this works for them.
I am not extreme with supplements either, so I have a high strength fish oil, a good multivitamin and the probiotic, having seen yesterdays discussion I will get a higher strength next time.
And in a nut shell that’s it.  I believe that stress is a huge factor for psoriasis sufferers and this can also help with the symptoms.
As far as topical ointments I only use a cream called Cetraben, its very good, not sure if you have it in your Country?

If you want to know anything else or help with anything then please give me a shout, I’m happy to help where I can.”

I asked Elaine about exercise and here is what she said.

“Yes I do but again it’s everything in moderation!
I exercise at home in the morning!
Either 20 minutes on the exercise bike or a mixed session with a little skipping & light weights in between!
I occasionally fit in a yoga class but not very often due to having an active 2 1/2 year old!
Apart from that I am naturally active & walk a lot instead of taking the car or cycle!”

I also asked Elaine about her water consumption, this is what she added.

“I drink lots of water, never liked juice & I eat lots of vegetables too!
I have a cup of coffee everyday and use rice/coconut milk.”

So there you have it in a nutshell, I hope you find my blog helpful and resourceful.   I work hard on keeping it fresh and educational.   I do this cause I care and I speak from experience.   If you want to take a more active roll I encourage you to join the National Psoriasis Foundation This is the largest organization in the world that represents people with psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis.

Article written by Todd Bello

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Comorbiditie of Psoriasis

After reading an abstract from JAMA Dermatology I realize how many of us struggle with depression and never seek help from a train professional.   Psoriasis was discovered to be an autoimmune disease not to long ago. Now with all the research being conducted we are finally identifying how psoriasis is affecting our self-conscious, self-esteem, and confidence.  

When I was first diagnosed I never knew what psoriasis was or what it meant to my health.  I thought I would just go to the doctor get a tube of cream and be done with it.  Twenty-four years later I’m saying enough already. When is this ride over.  The purpose of this article I’m writing is to better inform the newly diagnosed patient.  If I knew then what I know now things would of been different.  

This is what it read in the article.
“Conclusions and Relevance, Self-reported history of psoriasis was independently associated with major depression as assessed by a validated screening tool, even when controlling for comorbidities. History of cardiovascular event did not modify the risk of major depression for patients with psoriasis. The severity of psoriasis was unrelated to the risk of major depression. Therefore, all patients with psoriasis, regardless of severity, may be at risk for major depression”.

NPF/Novartis Inaugural Cycle Event 2015

It’s best to educate yourself and know your options before matters get worse.  You have to take a well rounded approach.  Okay so I was diagnosed with psoriasis what I didn’t know was how people would react to this visual mess.  Let’s face it we live in a vain society.  Blotches on your face and neck are not going to go over so well.
I know what your thinking, alright Captain Obvious get to the point. 

So here’s what I’m thinking you have to take a proactive approach.  Surround yourself with people that care. Get nutritional support.  Get emotional support.  Join a support group like the one I started.  Most of all get moving, exercise!  Eliminate the negative self talk.  When your thinking this immediately do or shift to something positive.  This is habit forming and soon you will be on the right path to healing and control.  Remember you are in control of your thoughts.  Listen to music and really start enjoying life the way it was suppose to be. One thing I’m gonna say that’s really helping me is the consumption of organic coconut oil and exercise.  Plus the medication my doctor prescribed.  So when it comes to your health get your priorities straight. Like my friend Gary said to me and I will never forget, YOUR WORTH IT!

Koebner Response & Psoriasis

Your trauma suddenly develops lesions the won’t go away.  The area of skin that was once smooth and spotless is now covered with plaque psoriasis.   A dermatologist discovered this response years ago.  His named is Koebner.  German dermatologist Heinrich Koebner first described the event in 1876. Psoriasis plaques due to the Koebner phenomenon can affect up to 50% of  people with psoriasis. The response can happen each time the skin gets injured.

There are various catalytic triggers for these responses and some of them are avoidable.  For instance sunburn and tattoos.  Several people in our support group Overcoming Psoriasis were inquiring about having a tattoo done.  It’s totally up to you but from my standpoint, not a good idea.
Other avoidable triggers would be cleaning solutions, chemicals, and irritants.  Examples of irritants are working with insulation. These little fibers naturally cause you to itch and scratch.  Wear protective clothing and a breathing device when working with insulation.  When gardening your going to want to avoid poison oak and ivy.  They to will cause a response and are avoidable.


So some triggers are not so avoidable like an accidental bruise, cut, or scrap.  Or the occasional bug bite or burn.  Even a surgical procedure.  It’s best if your knowledgeable about these triggers so at least you can prevent a flare.

The National Psoriasis Foundation has done extensive reseach on the subject.  If you click on the blue highlighted fonts it brings you directly to the resources your going to want to read.  Injury to the bones was discovered later to bring on psa.  It’s best if you become fimiliar with all the causes and triggers to prevent these incidences.

Article written by Todd Bello
Psoriasis Campaign for a Cure

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