Dr. Insurance?

Once again the National Psoriasis Foundation is going to bat for us.  Combined with other charity Foundations we are going to Washington to change the laws regarding Step Therapy practices.  If you don’t know what step therapy is let me explain.  Let’s say you go to your doctor and he prescribes you a medication.  Your all happy because you know from support groups like this it’s safe and effective.  It’s sent out for approval to your insurance company.  Your insurance company denies the claim  saying you have (#FailFirstFeb) try a less effective medication that is less expensive and perhaps dangerous to your long term health. 
Your health is priceless!  This decision should be between you and your doctor.  Support the NPF.  They have been supporting us all along.  Most if us aren’t aware of what they do.  Because I’m a long time volunteer an active member I’ve seen the progress that has been made over the years.  The people behind this organization are very well educated individuals.  Prominent doctors and lawyers, people from all walks of life.  I stress that we all get involved in some capacity.  2% of our community can not handle the work load.  WE NEED YOU!  Wanna feel better about yourself, volunteer for the NPF!  California lobbied and changed the law regarding Step Therapy. Every State needs to follow suit.  Www.steptherapyinfo.com let me know your on board.


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