“GUS” the next big thing in the Psoriatic community.

Promising new medication is waiting FDA approval.  This will be Janssen’s second interleukin blocker for psoriasis.  Janssen’s first medication Stelara was well received by the psoriasis community years ago when it was first introduced.  Stelara was later approved for psoriatic arthritis.  I’ve heard it may even be indicated for Crohn’s disease in the near future.  
My experience with Stelara went extremely well. I was very pleased that my skin and joints responded so well for years.  My quality of life went from terrible to terrific with just a few doses of Stelara.  This medication blocks the molecules responsible for the debilitating inflammation that is visible on the skin and chronically painful in the joints.  
This new medication called GUS for now until it is officially named, targets only one part of the immune system, different from its predecessor which targets IL-12 and IL-23.  GUS is proving to be more safe and effective then Humira which has been a long time favorite for the psoriasis community.  Patients need choices when it comes to medications for this insidious disease.  These medications work in the body until pso/psa flares again causes the patient to seek new treatment.  GUS will be the next step in treatment for many.  
I’m very thankful medications like these have become available for me and others like me.  Unless you live with this disease I think it’s hard to understand how devastating pso/psa can be.  When you add the fact that it’s visible, painful, chronic, itchly, flakey, embarrassing, messy, requires many hours of care each day, causes fatigue, life threatening comorbidities, people like me get excited when we learn about new medications like GUS.  Here is a article comparing GUS to a well known biological medication Humira. 

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