Comorbidity and Psoriasis

Some of the misconceptions about psoriasis is that it’s just a skin condition. By the looks of it, many believe it’s contagious. Thanks to marketing most people now understand psoriasis is not contagious. But most still don’t know that psoriasis is more than skin deep. Psoriasis can have severe consequences if not followed up by a professional. Fortunately the comorbidity’s of psoriasis can be addressed with medications and perhaps a procedure.

Tony Crimmins, the CEO of Abundant Natural Health, had a close call with his overall health. He was experiencing tingling in his left arm and wasn’t feeling up to par. He decided to go to the hospital. After many tests they discovered he had a ninety five percent blockage in one of his arteries. They were able to clean it up and put a stint in place.

If Tony didn’t take his symptoms seriously, he may of had a heart attack. I feel all of us need to understand the importance of the situation. We are all subjected to adverse health conditions due to the elevated inflammation throughout our bodies. It’s a good idea to get checked out each year.

Tony Crimmins is a chemical engineer by profession. He has psoriasis. Because of his knowledge in biochemistry he was able to develop products for his psoriasis. He successfully cleared his psoriasis with an all natural cream he invented. He later developed these products and put them into production. The products were reviewed by the National Psoriasis Foundation and determined beneficial. His products are recognized by the NPF. I love the products and use them everyday.

You can view his products on his website They have many products for many areas of the body that are psoriasis specific. I highly recommend taking a look.

You can have a listen to Tony and I in my support group Overcoming Psoriasis at . Wishing you all health and wellness. #psoriasis


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