Some of the severe side effects of Cosentyx include:
Many suffer with feelings of joy and happiness.  Sometimes elated feeling encourage you to participate in life.  Beware of wanting to jump in the jacuzzi and swimming in a crowded pool.  Some Cosentyx users actually reported exercising and losing weight.   Experiences also include in rare instances a new wardrobe due to previous condition.  Consult your dance instructor before taking Cosentyx.  The Sudden Urge To Sing outloud could effect your neighbors ears.  Playing with your children due to increased range of motion is very common if this should happen fire your Rheumatologist.

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  1. I have been on Cosentyx now for 5 months. I went from severe to 95% clear, with no side effects so far.

    Zero sugar, low carb, high fat diet; exercise; and sun/UV on the rash are also very important to keep it clear.

    Also the plaques have largely to do with a biofilm, sticky fungus bacteria environment, created by normal/harmless skin Malassezia and Staphylococcus varieties. Your body can’t break down the biofilm but these can: chitinase, essential oils (thyme oil, rosemary oil, eucalyptus oil, etc.), sugar alcohols (xylitol etc.). I make lotions with these and fractionated coconut oil (which are anti-Malassezia saturated fat chains) to break down the psoriasis plaques so they can heal. Active vitamin D prescription ointment (calcitriol, etc.) also works well for me.

    These are the things that actually work for me, with no side effects.

  2. Nichelle

    This is great! I showed my mother to give her hope that her skin issues may soon be over, she been suffering badly for weeks with pain from her psoriasis. I pray that these new injections work soon

  3. Wanda Santiago

    I started to use Cosentyx for severe RA over a year ago prescribed by Rheumatologist. I also suffer from fibromyalgia.
    I have not been able to experience much relief. I have been on everything on d market to treat RA & fibromyalgia, including pills, injections & even different types of medications on IVs that usually took between 2-5 hours per session.
    Cosentyx’s reactions have included: hair lost & thinning, weight gain or impossible to loose weight particularly around waist & abdomen, sweats at nite, joints pain, extremed tiredness, exhaustion & fatigue,itching.
    I’m giving up on Cosentyx. So many different treatments & nothing has helped. About 2 months ago I went to a Medical Cannabis Clinic in Tampa, Fl to be evaluated. Without any hesitation I was accepted to start this treatment. I have to wait 3 months in order to start Tx per Fl regulations. So I’m starting in September.
    I have never used marihuana or any type of illegal drugs. But I have made a lot of research on this matter. It has no side effects & it’s safe when treated as a treatment alternative when nothing else has worked. I’m so tired of using so many medications that have so many dangerous side effects including opioids for d pain. Opioids are killing so many people annually in
    our nation. Causing hundreds of thousands of accidental deaths. However, pharmaceuticals & some Physicians this is what they are pushing because it is a billion dollar industry. They really don’t care. Only us can stop this because even d government doesn’t care because too many Politicians are involved in this scam taking money under d table to obstruct d medical cannabis option. That’s what’s happening in d State of Florida with d current Governor.
    This is NOT a commercial in any way. It’s actually a concern & an issue that many people don’t want to talk about.

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