Itching to Know!

What I’ve been itching to know about Psoriasis.  This blog is written by my friend Howard Chang.  Psoriasis happens to be very costly and time consuming.  Between lost wages from time off and appling medications this disease can wreck the most discipline persons routine.  It’s important as a patient to be your own advocate to preserve what you worked all your life to accomplish.   You have to be aggressive with your treatment options.  Unfortunately doctors are not familiar with all the woes of our disease.  Unless they are specialists they rarely know what psoriasis patients endure on a daily basis.  In their defense they see patients with over several thousand conditions.  Psoriasis is an auto immune disease so it’s been classified wrong all along.  Yes the symptoms show up on the skin, but it’s affecting internal organs and joints as well.  It’s only been recent that this has been shown in a sophisticated magnetic image.  Howard is a good friend of mine and has brought out some very fine bullet points that we should all be aware of as psoriatic’s.   In my summary it’s your job as a patient to educate yourself and become familiar with treatments.  Psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis will alter the lifestyle your use too.  Fortunately, we now have amazing new medications that scientists developed that will eradicate the devastating effects if left untreated.   We are in exciting times with new developments on there way.

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