Why Market Share for Pharma may produce a Cure

Overcoming Psoriasis

While patients struggle to battle their psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis at home, pharmaceutical companies battle for the best medication in the market place.  What does this mean for the psoriatic?  Well it means better treatments are on the horizon.  It means there is hope for future generations.  It means greater quality of life and less itching and scratching for the psoriasis community. Its a win/win for us patients and the world at large.  Psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis cost tax payers 35 billion dollars in lost wages and disabilities.  People with this disease are often paralyzed in society due to the visible lesions on the skin. The publics misconception is that Psoriasis is “contagious” and “its just a skin condition.”  Recently great efforts have been established to change those false beliefs. I read this article that was publicized by FiercePharma.  I’m delighted, as we all should be, that Pharmaceutical companies are…

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