Psoriasis and PSA are NOT contagious.

The P maybe silent in psoriasis, but the p in Patient is loud and clear just like our message, Psoriasis is NOT contagious and it’s NOT just a skin disease.  It’s a serious autoimmune disease that affects the organs and the joints causing irreversible damage and can be life threatening if left untreated.  There is no cure and treatments are temporary at best.  New treatments, that are considered safe and effective, are so ridiculously priced you need to be a multimillionaire to afford them.  My mission is clear.  To help research discover new safer and more effective treatments and perhaps a cure.  And to change the publics misconception.  Psoriasis is genetic and you need to be predisposed and when triggered becomes chronic.  The off switch is yet to be discovered.
It affects 7.5 million Americans.  That’s roughly 2% of the population.   That’s one person in a room of fifty.  This makes it the most prevalent autoimmune disease. People with this disease often feel alone and isolate themselves from society. Research has shown that a patient with 3% visible plaques can seriously effect their quality of life.  How is it the most prevalent and the most underfunded?
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