Step Therapy Campaign

This needs to change and we have the people in place to make it happen.  Scenario:
You go to your doctor and he prescribes the dream medication.  He submits it to your insurance company and they denied it stating you have to prescribe xyz drug before using this medication. 
So I’m thinking, why didn’t I just get an appointment with my insurance company?


Sounds like they are diluting the doctors ability to be a doctor.  This is pso wrong in every aspect. Well we now have the Avenue to correct it.  Click the link and let’s keep that decision between you and the doctor!

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2 thoughts on “Step Therapy Campaign

  1. Not only is this wrong, it is dangerous for many, especially those with PsA who risk more damage to their joints. It is not just “step therapies” but denying treatment devices. A few years ago, my insurance tried to deny the Levia machine based on ‘other effective treatments available’. I had to take it to the final dispute phase where we showed I had tried the basic photo boxes to no avail.

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