Patient or Puppet

Step Therapy is in the News!  Many Patients have been prescribed medications by their doctor only to have the prescription denied by their respective insurance company.  Perhaps we should just make an appointment with our insurance company.  Why see our doctor?  Apparently cost is more important then our health. 
Insurance companies would rather prescribe older less effective treatments.  So they make you jump through hoops to get you the medication originally prescribed.


California just implemented laws banning Step Therapy.   Leah Howard with the National Psoriasis Foundation has put together a website for us to share our stories.
Here are some examples from the site.

Step therapy is supposed to save insurers money. Does it?

In a study comparing spending on schizophrenia medications in Georgia’s Medicaid program, step therapy saved the state $19.62 per member per month. Cheaper drugs – savings all around. Right?

Wrong. The same study found that after the introduction of step therapy, the Medicaid program had to spend more money on outpatient services – $31.59 per member per month. That’s because less-effective meds often led to higher health costs later. 3

Step therapy can be bad for your health

Step therapy can keep people from getting any effective treatment at all. 1, 5-7

Step therapy generates miles of red tape

It takes up to two hours per patient of precious staff time in doctors’ offices to manage requests and appeals – taking critical time away from patient care. 8

Please leave your email and like this article so I can present this to our local officials.   I need to gather as many emails in order to show our support to change the law. 

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5 thoughts on “Patient or Puppet

  1. Outstanding change. As someone who’s health has come second to an insurance company’s demands and policies, I can vouch that the status quo is definitely more expensive for all parties involved.

  2. johnmgainer

    Excellent change. The status quo is more expensive to all parties involved and as the patient suffers, a groundswell of other comorbidities rear their ugly head. Insurance companies rely on a patient’s broken spirit and inability to continue the fight to resolve these issues. It cannot be left in their hands.

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