Beyond just a Skin Disease

We often go through the motions of life each and every day. Most of us enjoy our health. Some of us are less fortunate. When I watch the news and see teenagers using drugs, “I think why would they gamble with their health?” I went through those invincible stages as a kid. I think many of these bad decisions can be avoided if they only knew others have to fight for their health. Maybe they need to read stories like the one I’m about to share with you.
Layla is a bright young seven year old girl. She enjoyed most of her life growing up and going to school. Her life seemed pretty normal until she was diagnosed with psoriasis and eczema. Her smile and attitude was enduring. She enjoyed dance, her school work, and friends. Like any other seven year old girl life was exciting and fun.


Today Layla is fighting for her life. Her psoriasis turned into a severe form of pustular psoriasis. She is covered from head to toe. She also has a severe form of Eczema and is now suffering from congestive heart failure. The inflammation of psoriasis interrupts all the functions of the body.
Psoriasis affects 2% of the population. Some 7.5 million Americans. One in every 50 people, which makes it the most prevalent autoimmune disease. Because psoriasis is visible it is often misunderstood. Psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis are not contagious and it’s not just a skin disease. Psoriasis affects the organs and joints as well. Psoriasis is a life threatening disease as you can see here.


Seven year old Layla is in critical condition and is currently in ICU. Like most of us, Layla didn’t sign up for this disease. Could you imagine being Layla’s parents? I’ve been praying for this young girl. I pray that the doctors figure out the best treatment for her.


So here is what I’m requesting you do for Layla and her family. First and foremost I’m asking you to be part of our prayer chain. We need devine intervention. Next, we need you to share this blog, this way someone with the resources will be able to help in various ways. Lastly, if you can afford to, please donate whatever you can to help this family.
I first learned of Layla when her mom reached out to me in our support group Overcoming Psoriasis . Our group was already able to provide airfare for the family. I told her I was a volunteer patient advocate with the National Psoriasis Foundation . This Foundation is the largest in the world pertaining to this disease. Many of the new treatments today have been funded by this organization. There is no substitute for their knowledge and professionalism.
Layla’s mom set up a Gofundme page. Some of the more graphic photographs can be seen there. I pray this article is delivered to the right person. I pray you see the urgency of this blog. I’m hoping Layla and her family feels the love and compassion us humans are able to show for one another.
The links are highlighted in the article. Just click them to visit the pages. I wish you, the reader and your family, health and happiness, peace and prosperity. May the spirit of the Holiday season start here by your generous gift. Giving is devine! Love is the most powerful energy on Earth. God Bless!

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