ePharma 16 Summit

ePharma 16 Summit was such an inspiring event.  I heard things like “patients first” and “patients included”.  Apparently pharmaceutical companies are paying attention to the patient Influencers in their community.  We actually do have a voice.  Although there are many obstacles that need to be addressed.  At least these companies are paying attention to the end user. 


How are they listening?  From what I gather they are using internet data, compiling it and developing tools for the health care industry. Vendor’s at the Summit are competing to stay on top of the trend. 


I have to admit most of this stuff is over my head.  It’s hard to wrap your head around all these numbers and terminology, but then again that’s not my job. My job as a patient Influencer is to listen to the experts and determine if this information is going to help resolve the problems facing patients today. 


Make no mistake about it there are many challenges facing the health care industry.  Events like these are wonderful to witness as a patient.  Here are some of the challenges facing patients these days.

     1. Insurance.                    
     2. Medications.                   
     3. Co Pays
     4. Step Therapy laws
     5. Risks and Side effects
     6. Compliance
     7. Knowledge
     8. Financials
     9. Treatment failure
    10. Rising health care costs

These are just some of the issues.  All of which were discussed during the break out sessions. 


For the most part the health care industry is evolving.  Data is being collected and analyzed.  Marketing a usable iPad at your doctor’s office will display products on banners while the patient surfs in the waiting room.


New technology is allowing the patient to have a video conference with his/her doctor.  Even prescriptions can be sent to the pharmacist electronically and mailed to the patient.   Saving the patient time and money. 


My twenty four year journey has been a Rollercoaster of success and failures.  I’m happy with the treatments that are available.  I’m also happy that my insurance company pays for the expensive medications.  Payers need to know that step therapy doesn’t work in the psoriasis community.  Regulations need to be reviewed so the patient comes first.  What good is pumping all this money into research and developing new drugs if patients can’t afford them. 


Thank you WEGO HEALTH for inviting me. I made so many new friends.  I really enjoyed my time learning and mingling with the brilliant minds of the health care industry. 

So I have to plug our event that supports our cause.  Please join us at the Duck Walk Vineyards on May 14th.  It’s a cycling event supporting Psoriasis and Psoriatic arthritis.  If you would like to register click here. Join my team Overcoming Psoriasis.   Thank you for reading.

@epharma #ePharma16 #psoriasis #psoriaticarthritis

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