NPF’s Pedal for a Medal

Many hours went into planning our cycle event in the Hamptons.  As the outreach chair it was my job to raise awareness about the event.  This was the second annual ride which took place at the Duckwalk Vineyard located on Montauk Hwy in Watermill.  I always wanted an event to take place on the Island and I’m glad this one came to fruition.  The idea came about at the inaugural ride in New Jersey.  I spoke to the pharmaceutical company that sponsored that event.  I mentioned that I would love to have a cycling event on Long Island and the rest is history.  

You heard the phrase “April showers bring May flowers”.  Well somebody better let mother nature in on this.  Apparently the new April is May.  The weather forecast predicted 100% rain for the day of the event scheduled May 13th.  It was a week out and the forecast held up the entire week.  I’m thinking, “please no”.  So that morning I woke up at 3am.  I couldn’t sleep.  I looked out the window and there was no rain.  It was overcast and the morning was to remain dry until 10am.  Now mind you, this is a “rain or shine” event.  Well our prayers worked, the rain held off until 3pm.  The cyclists that came remained dry and we’re able to complete their routes.  

I was most proud of my son Michael who informed me two weeks out that he would ride for our cause.  This thrilled me.  He didn’t even own a road bike.  Michael took it upon himself to order a bike so that he could participate on his Dad’s team.  I wanted to ride along side of him but the foundation needed volunteers for the rest stops.  I’m #pso proud of him as a Dad.  This is such a great event I want to see it grow exponentially.  Next year my daughter and her boyfriend will be joining us for the ride.  

I wanted to mention all the teammates of Overcoming Psoriasis that help raise 5 thousand dollars for the NPF.  They are Mary B., Steven F., Ellen, Mike and Tim B., Michael B., Jacquelyn B., Kevin, Wendy R.. I would also like to thank all those who sponsored us from our support group OP. 

None of this would be possible without the help from our CDM Kim S. and the cycle coordinator Kris B. and Chris P.  Plus our generous board members who host the party the night before Carol O. and her husband Mike. And of course our chair Joe C.  and Frank Doris and his band.  

Although this ride is not a race, we are in a race to find a cure.  I’m sure with the help of our sponsors #Novartis, #Janssen, #Lilly, #Leo and others a cure is not out of the question.  I’m looking to set a goal of 100k for next year’s event.  It’s going to take a village to find a cure for this insidious disease.  The funding will help scientists with research.  So let’s kick some psoriazz and accomplish our mission so future generations don’t have to suffer in silence. 

  The National Psoriasis Foundation turned 50 this year.  Psoriatic’s around the world are celebrating this historic year.  For celebration purposes the NPF will be throwing a huge party for us all.  This will take place at the Plaza Hotel in NYC on Thursday June 8th.  Seats are limited so order tickets here.  Hash tag #NPF50th

The National Psoriasis Foundation will also be celebrating their volunteers at the National Volunteer Conference in Chicago on August 3rd to 5th.  This will also fill up so order your tickets here.  We use the hash tag #NPFNVC2017

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