Greenwich Concours d’Elegance 

June 2017 was the 22nd annual Greenwich Concours!  Recognized as one of the most prestigious concours in the country, Greenwich is unique for the fact it has two concours in two days consecutively. Saturday June 3rd was the Concours Americana and Sunday June 4th was Concours International.  I was delighted to be invited by my friend Bobby Daddino who owns a 1983 Lamborghini Countach.

If you are a car enthusiast you’re gonna want to put this on your calendar for next year’s concours.  Saturday’s line up included supercars of both American and foreign.  Bobby and his “blackbull” Lambo was stage in this circle of gems.  Parked right next to us was a “one-off” P 4/5 Ferrari designed and own by James Glickenhaus.  Director and producer of the movie exterminator.  I actually had a chance to interview this brilliant man. Among the cars in the circle were a Pangani, Lamborghini, Ford GT, LaFerrari, Lotus, and Porsche.  Three awards were given in this circle of historic automobiles. I’m happy to say the “poster” child of super cars won best in class, B. Daddino’s Lambo. The P 4/5 and LaFerrari also received this honorable concours award. 

I wanted to share with you my gallery of photos that I took with my Samsung Galaxy Note 4.  I hope these pictures can give you a flavor of the event.  Enjoy!


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